I am a collage.

I am expression, color and contrast. I am my father's eyes, my grandmother's hands and my mother's strength.

My heart no longer belongs to me. It belongs to my daughter. My motor is my love towards her and towards her father.

I was born twice, the first time in Mendoza, almost at the end of the 80s, but the most significant was the second time, in Denmark, when on a sunny day, Alba came to this world.

More than from Lorien, I am from Rivendel, with a cape and a sword, under the command of Glorfindel.

I am vintage, I am in love of the stories of kings, warriors and fantasies. I am Argentinian history, San Martín
and Güemes.

I am the one who loves hand sewing and puts on her colored boots when it rains.


I am a bright pink mint, I am Peperina Magenta.

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2014     “Amor y Fantasía”. Vararte . Mendoza, Argentina.

2014 - present     Larrabure Pelaye Gallery. Lima, Perú / Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016 - present     Lumas Gallery. New York / London / Dubai / Paris / More

2017 - present    Parione 9. Rome, Italy.

13 / 05 / 2017    "El Gran Fiambre Fabuloso". Tigomigo Gallery. Barcelona. Spain

2019     “Amor y Fantasía / We are happy. Take a picture”. Steel House. Copenhagen

2019     "Fantastic Gardens"Lumas Gallery. New York / London / Dubai / Paris / More

2019 - present     Yellow Korner. Mexico City / Bogotá / Copenhague / More


2014     MIME. Illustration Market. Mendoza, Argentina.

2017     La Rinascente Design Supermarket. With Lumas Gallery. Milan, Italy.

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