It is the deepest part of my heart, where I keep all my most important memories about my love stories. They left sweet and bitter moments and all of them changed me and today are part of the collage of my person. I am made of stories, memories and experiences. And love is a very important part of me. Deep inside they are there, they fly everywhere. They rest and take refuge in the wounds and dreams they left. The birds are actually these memories and the withe flowers represent pure love. The basilicum reminds me about my memories about my teenagehood, my grandmother's house, her food, its amazing taste, it brings me happiness, my best memories. Marilyn always represents for me the powerful woman, she is capable of doing everything she sets out to do.


Medium: Digital collage

Type: Print / Limited edition of 5

Size: 75x50 cm

Material: Aluminium ArtBox (Acrylic glass glossy 20mm, glossy / ultraHD Photo Print on Fuji Crystal DP Maxima / Aluminium box 25 mm, black)

This collage has 5 prints and 1 original.

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