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I am this eternal duality between what I am and what I would like to be. Every moment I get closer to achieving it, to breaking these ties of this unfair society, which I charge for calling, accepting and loving myself as a woman. And you are always on that path, my dear, who taught me so much without even knowing it. You were definetly born at the wrong time, because you could have shone so much at another time, with that great light that characterized you. Wonderful woman, like many of your time, who fought the bull with such charm. I miss your garden, colorful and full of perfume, like you.


Medium: Digital + handmade collage

Type: Original 1/1

Size: 50x70 cm

Material:  FineArt Photo Rag® from Hahnemühle. 100% cotton paper. Digital collage handmade painted with acrylic colors


If you want to purchase an original I will specially intervene it by hand and send you a preview picture so you can have an idea about how it will look.




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