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Customized online class


Class description: We will start getting a quick review of the work of some inspiring collage artists of all ages and a bit of my work experience. I will share with you some recommendations about websites where you can download images free of copyrights to be used in your collage and also websites where you can play with colors and contrasts in order to choose the best palette for your artworks.

After receiving all this inspiration... Let's make collage! The idea is to learn while we have fun, exploring colours, contrast, composition. We will become illustrators for a magazine/newspaper and learn how to create collage illustrations for notes. We will discover or explore our own style in order to create unique and creative works.

We will create 2D and 3D collages. We don't have limits!


Date and time: To arrange together

Duration: 2.5 h

Modality: Video call via Google Meet, Jitsi or Skype.

Language: English / Spanish / I also speak some Italian if you have patience

To: Students or professional designers


Suggested supplies: hard paper (around 300 gr), collage materials (old book pages, copyright free images, vintage magazines, old postcards, old and new photographies, newspapers, wrapping paper, wrappers, stamps, napkins, acrylic paints, paint brushes, all kind of cardboards), glue stick/cutter/hobby knife, cutting mat/cardboard/glass, pens, ruler, scissors, wide paper tape, all kind of fabrics, buttons, pieces of broken ceramics.

Collage for editorial design



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